The oldest home in the City of London

Farringdon is one of the most highly regarded residential areas in the City of London. The area is renowned for its long history and for being in an ideal central location that makes the whole of the capital accessible. There are plenty of attractions in the area to enjoy too, many of them stemming from the close proximity to one of the UK’s most important business districts. This means you can find restaurants, cafes, pubs, and shops.

One of the most interesting things about Farringdon is the property at 41-42 Cloth Fair. It is an incredible 404 years old. That means it has survived a number of monumental periods in British history including the Blitz, the Fire of London, and even the English Civil War.

From first glance the four bedroom home seems unremarkable, revealing little of the fantastic history. Impressively it was formerly part of a larger scheme of 11 properties based around a central courtyard.

The property was initially designed as a single home and featured two cellars, four chambers, and two shops. The first tenant converted the whole ground floor and the cellars into an alehouse.

During the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century the alehouse was transformed into a factory for manufacturing cutlery. This operation continued until the 1920s when the entire property became a home.

Over the years the building has survived many threats to its existence. It was protected from the Fire of London because of a tall brick wall built around a nearby parish. Calls to demolish it were denied in 1929 as part of the plan to improve sanitation in the area. During the Blitz the property escaped damage.

The home was restored in the 1990s but retains many of its original features. The staircase is the most poignant and has been in place since it was built.

Nowadays the property is valued at an incredible £5.5 million. This may be quite a reasonable amount for a property with over 400 years of history in one of the most highly regarded residential areas in the whole of London.

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