Kennington could be Lambeth’s hidden gem

Estates can be tricky to manage because of their scale and the number of different households. Finefair can provide the right level of service though. We have a wealth of experience and strive to maintain excellent standards. This focus has made us the ideal provider of estate management Lambeth has to offer.

Waiting for discovery

Kennington is one of the most interesting destinations in Lambeth. Although it is only a couple of miles from the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square, it is very different. While the latter is one of the most famous spots in the whole of London, Kennington is under the radar. Most people simply pass through the area on their way into and out of the city centre.

The lack of fanfare is a good thing for the area. Firstly, it helps to retain the strong community feel. This is a big benefit and makes locals feel at home. In addition, it helps to keep the property prices competitive. Buyers can find impressive savings over places like Clapham and Wandsworth.

The property scene

As you would expect from quite a central area, there are plenty of period homes. The most interesting ones for many are the streets and garden squares in Queen Anne as well as Georgian styles. In the 20s and 30s a number of them were built across the district. They are now among the most attractive properties.

In addition to older homes there are some newer builds and plans for even more new housing. The local council agreed to a new masterplan for the area in 2017. As part of it, a former gasholder site in the area will be the focus of redevelopment. A new mixed use development will provide 1,500 homes, commercial space, and improved public spaces and infrastructure.

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