Environmental upgrades in Lewisham to enrich the area

Lewisham town centre is full of wonderful amenities. In the last twenty years a number of investments have sought to modernise it. The first makeover was quite a success but the most recent one is even more impressive. It could potentially change attitudes towards the area and create some of the most attractive investment properties Lewisham has to offer.

New waterways

Most redevelopments focus on the environment as an after-thought. In the recent makeover of the town centre though, it was one of the cornerstones of the project. The most impressive thing is that the work has opened up two waterways that were previously hidden. The environmental upgrades make a huge difference, improving accessibility and ensuring the wider areas benefit.

The Ravensbourne is one of the two waterways. The stretch running through Ladywell Field, connecting Lewisham and Catford, has been upgraded. It will now merge with Confluence Place, a brand new riverside park. This green space is perfect for pedestrians and residents of the new homes in the area. It is a fantastic transformation; the area was formerly Loampit Vale roundabout, one of the most congested areas in the Borough.

The second waterway is the Quaggy. It also connects to Confluence Place and creates more beautiful exterior space for people to enjoy. More impressively there is still evidence of the industrial past along the route. A Victorian flour mill, complete with original waterwheel, is a great example. The building will become new homes following refurbishment.

The best of both worlds

One of the reasons Lewisham is such a popular area is the impressive transport links. It offers quick connections to Canary Wharf, making it perfect for people who commute for work. Now residents can enjoy these links as well as some beautiful natural scenery.

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