Celebrating diversity and culture in Kingston

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Earlier in June the new Mayor of Kingston took up office. The occasion was marked with an interfaith ceremony that praised the diversity of the Borough.

What is the Mayor’s agenda for Kingston upon Thames?

After being sworn in the new Mayor spoke about his aims for the future of the Borough. He hopes to create a community where respect, tolerance, courtesy and love are all very important. A big part of this will be celebrating the diversity and culture in the area.

The Mayor has a strong background of supporting charities. He will continue to do so in his new office, supporting different communities and local people in need. In addition the area is committing to continue supporting their arts programme.

One of the biggest events on the calendar is the International Youth Arts Festival Kingston. It will take place from the 6th of July until the 15th. Young artists as well as performers from throughout the Borough will have fantastic opportunities to show what they can do.

Investors should appreciate the diversity

One thing every investor should understand is the importance of culture in an area. It can have a big impact on things like amenities, the community spirit, and also the type of tenants they may be dealing with. All of these factors can affect the potential returns for a property.

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