Is there a price rediscovery in London?

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How is the property market?

Estate management LondonThe UK property market has had to deal with some of the most unique and challenging circumstances lately. However, many people will be happy of a return to normalcy this month. Traditionally there is a period over December when the market dips. This is seasonal and happens every year because most people are thinking about Christmas and the New Year. Many will put off moving or even looking at the market.

This year the seasonal drop in prices has been 0.6% across England and Wales. However, that should not put people off. In fact it could a very good sign that the market is returning to normalcy.

Bigger change in London

The biggest change in the property market in the last year has been London. Because of coronavirus there has been a big shift in what people want from their homes. As a result there has been a huge change with more people looking at the suburbs rather than urban areas. You can see this in the capital with outer Boroughs and suburban spots seeing healthy growth in demand while it drops in Central areas.

While more buyers are moving away from Central London, renters are doing similar. A lot of them are also targeting areas that are greener and quieter. This is helped by the fact that a lot of people have found they can work effectively remotely rather than needing to be in the city itself. As a result the rents have taken a hit and come down.

The situation could show that London is heading for a price rediscovery following many years of high demand pushing up prices. Prices for houses and average rents could settle to a more affordable level in the coming year if the trends above continue.

Estate management in London

At Finefair Ltd we support investors all over the capital. Our goal is to give them reliable services they can trust in. Among these are management solutions for any need. This includes blocks, estates, and many other properties. On top of this we can organise leasing solutions that can offer guaranteed rent. These can be even more useful now with rates generally falling.

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