Improving air quality in Havering

Earlier in December Havering Council looked at a draft copy of the new Air Quality Action Plan for 2018-2023. The document sets out how the area will look to improve standards and aim to ensure the air in the Borough is cleaner. It could require a £125,000 5-year plan.

The London Borough of Havering has some challenges to face in terms of air quality. The area is home to a number of major roads including stretches of the M25, A12 and the A13. Such a high concentration of main roads has an understandable impact on the amount of air pollution. In addition the area is home to a number of industrial estates that also contribute.

The local Council already has a monitoring network to determine pollution levels. This includes stations, nitrogen dioxide tubes, and mesh pods. The additional funds will be invested in computer modelling software that will make it easier to pinpoint exactly where in the Borough the air quality is the worst. This will help to tackle the problem.

The plan calls for more use of mesh pods and other systems for improving air quality in key locations such as schools. It also wants more to be done to reduce the level of particulate matter in the air. Although the levels in the Borough are within safe parameters any amount of particulate matter can be detrimental to health.

Havering is a very popular Borough because it is home to wonderful green spaces and some fantastic amenities. Efforts to improve the air quality will make it an even more pleasant location for people to live.

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