Hounslow Council works to tackle ASB

At the start of December Hounslow Council revealed their plans to reduce the number of anti-social behaviour (ASB) problems linked to alcohol in the Borough. In a twelve month period to 31st March 2017 a total of 8,473 reports of incidents were reported to the police. This represented a 9% rise over the previous period.

The issue continued to be a problem and in September 2017 ASB was top of the list of most commonly reported crimes. In that month alone a total of 650 reports were received by the police. Something definitely needed to be done.

Hounslow Council has responded to the issue. Their solution is a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). This means anybody who is found to have used alcohol inappropriately in a public place could receive a £100 fixed penalty. If this is not paid it could rise to £1,000. When consulted on the new order, 93% of local residents were in favour of the plan.

In addition to the PSPO, new restrictions are to be put in place for Feltham Park. The space is important to the community and is home to a number of facilities including tennis courts, sports pitches, a pond, and a children’s playground. Sadly, anti-social use of mopeds and similar vehicles in the area has risen. There will be new restrictions for using these vehicles in the park, making it safer for other users.

Both of the moves will help to make Hounslow a more pleasant place to live. This could have a big impact on the community, attracting even more people to an area that continues to grow in popularity because of its location and affordability.

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