A new film school for Islington

Ladbroke House in Highbury, Islington has a really interesting history. It was formerly an A.C. Cossor Electric Valve Company factory, used to manufacture radios and x-ray equipment. Cossor are renowned for being the first British company to sell TV sets in 1936, making many of these original devices at the Islington site.

In 1949 the building was sold and became part of the London Metropolitan University. It was subsequently adapted, altering the internal layout substantially.

The Central Government ultimately bought the building when it fell out of use. They planned to convert it into a new free school but the plan met opposition. There were concerns over the impact such a large number of additional students would have on the area. In addition it was stated that another secondary school was not necessary for the area because there are two locally.

Earlier in December a plan to create a new school specialising in film was granted permission. This project is a good compromise because it will still be education based but will have a very specialist area. Once completed, the new Working Title School will provide training in the film industry for students from 16-19.

The most incredible thing about the new film school is that it is being supported by celebrated British production company Working Title. They are providing sponsorship and will ensure the training delivered is industry leading. A film studio based on Pinewood will be created to help with this.

The development could have a fantastic impact on the area. Islington is already a popular destination for families but the new school could attract even more with children who want to work in the film industry in the future.

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