Huge allocation to develop Brownfield land into housing

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Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC)

Lettings agent HaringeyKeeping focus on building new homes, the DLUHC recently revealed their plans to regenerate Brownfield sites across the UK. The developments will create thousands of new high quality homes. This will help to level up the communities and give new life to derelict sites.

To unlock the sites, money from the Brownfield Land Release Fund (BLRF) is being given to 53 local councils. The allocation will be £57.8million of the total £75million of funds. The money given to different local authorities will vary depending on factors such as the size of the site.

The DLUHC believes that the funding will deliver an extra 5,600 homes across the various Brownfield sites. It could also support job creation, with up to 17,000 new jobs in construction, housing, and the wider economy.

A great use of the land

The Brownfield sites all vary in terms of their current use and condition. Some are unsightly derelict buildings that will require demolition before redevelopment. Others are old garages and car parks that no longer serve the community. Then there are some that are former commercial buildings that have no use.

Redeveloping these sites will help to create vibrant communities. More importantly, it will protect green sites. These often become the focus of proposals to create more housing. However, losing them would be bad for the environment and wellbeing of locals. So, it is much better to work with the Brownfield sites.

Self and custom builds

There is also more funding available to help energise the self and custom build fields. More and more people want to design their own home so they can get exactly what they need from the property. Now there will be more opportunities for this. The allocation includes £5million specifically for these kinds of project. Plus, the Brownfield Land Release Fund (BLRF) has £20million for them.


While the funds will allow Brownfield redevelopment projects across the UK, two will be in Haringey. The first of these is the Ashley Road Depot, the council’s former waste management site. That operation moved to Marsh Lane so the current site is open to redevelop. The council will get over £2.4million in funds for this.

The second site is the Gourley Triangle in South Tottenham. The site is currently home to a mix of commercial and residential properties. However, there is potential for redevelopment to create more housing, better quality commercial space, and improve the local area. The council will receive over £1.4million for the work.

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