How will first time buyers act after coronavirus lockdown?

Finefair has the most reliable service for landlords who worry about finding tenants and getting a stable rental income. We provide the very best council leasing Kingston upon Thames can offer and extend the services across the whole of London. With the scheme each landlord can let their property to the local authority. This way tenants and the rent are guaranteed. We also take responsibility for the condition of the property so the schemes are win-win.

What is the future for first time buyers?

Council leasing Kingston upon ThamesThe coronavirus crisis almost put a complete stop to the housing market. Social distancing rules and limits on non-essential travel meant that it was not possible to do viewings. In many cases it was also impossible to actually move into a new home. This was only permitted in the most extreme circumstances. There were also changes to mortgages with many lenders withdrawing products because of the economic risk.

While life is only slowly returning to the market, one part of it that it almost completely open for business is first time buyers looking at new homes. These people have the fewest restrictions on their ability to move. Realistically all they need to do is find a property they like and secure a mortgage. They can even do virtual viewings of properties to see what they will be like.

Help to Buy mortgages

While many mortgage providers withdrew a lot of products at the start of lockdown, a lot of them are starting to offer them again. One of these is Help to Buy mortgages. The availability of these deals will really help first time buyers who are in a position to buy. Now is a good time to look at major lenders like banks and building societies to see what kind of deals they are offering.

Price falls

falling house pricesThe fall in prices could also benefit first time buyers, especially in London. For starters they can potentially find homes with big discounts as developers look to sell in tough economic conditions.

There is also the potential that the fall will make more housing available under Help to Buy. The scheme is only open to homes in London with values below £600,000. A drop in prices will push more under this threshold.

There are several areas where a drop in house prices could even push the average below the that for London. This list includes the popular Kingston upon Thames, Lambeth, and Southwark. Barking and Dagenham, the most affordable Borough in the capital, could also see its average fall back below £300,000.

Luckily, with Finefair it is easy to arrange the best council leasing Kingston upon Thames landlords can ask for. As a result there should be fewer worries about a drop in prices. We will be able to protect your rent for as long as you need us to so the market values can bounce back.

Shared ownership

A lot of properties available to first time buyers under shared ownership are also still on offer. Here the buyer can buy a share of the property and then pay rent on the other part. Over time they can purchase the rest until they own the whole home.

Council leasing in Kingston upon Thames

Finefair appreciates that this is a very difficult time for anyone who owns, rents, or wants to buy property. We want to help wherever we can. Landlords and investors can trust us to help them set up a scheme and guarantee their rent.

If you want to find out more about why we are the best for council leasing Kingston upon Thames has to offer, contact us. We are happy to explain and showcase why we are the best partner now and in the future.