House prices in Kensington and Chelsea grew more than any Borough per day

Recent data from estate agents Savills reveals a really interesting fact about London house prices. According to their figures the average price of a home has increased by £105 per day for the last five years (December 2011 to December 2016). This growth has occurred despite all kinds of shocks including currency fluctuations, political moves, and the introduction of new taxes and regulations.

Of the 32 London Boroughs more than half have seen prices rise by £100 or more per day. Not surprisingly the locations with the smallest daily growths are located in outer London. A much higher number of them are in the more affordable east end too.

The most standout figure though is that two Boroughs have seen rises in those five years exceed £200 per day. Kensington and Chelsea was the number one area, seeing average daily increases of £218. Westminster was only slightly behind with £212. Both areas are considered to be the two most established prime markets in the capital.

Property prices have cooled in established areas over previous months due to a shift in investor and buyer focus to outer areas where prices are more affordable. The data mentioned above showcases how good properties in these locations are for the long term investments though.

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