Kingston Upon Thames has some investment properties comparable to central London

Kingston Upon Thames has proven to be a very safe bet if you are looking for investment properties. The area has a fantastic reputation, viewed in the same way that central London is but with more space. This view has been earned because the Borough is such a fantastic retail destination. In fact it is believed that more money is spent on shopping in the area than in any  destination in the capital except the lucrative west end shops in Kensington.

The local housing market in Kingston Upon Thames is very interesting. Properties vary in value and size, with large parts of the area dominated by two and three bedroom homes. Larger Victorian houses are available too. Like other Boroughs some of the most valuable homes are located in close proximity to the railway station and the Thames.

Surprisingly a second, more lucrative area exists east of the shopping quarter. Here you can find gated communities and larger mansions with values exceeding £15 million at times. The area is very much like prime London. The KT2 district is very valuable and there are a number of noteworthy locations including Coombe and the streets that back on to Richmond Park.

One of the most popular options when it comes to investment properties in Kingston Upon Thames is people buying plots, demolishing existing buildings, and creating their own homes. People look at the planning laws in the area and the amount of space on offer and can see the value of this kind of project.

Properties in Kingston Upon Thames can be comparable to those in lucrative areas of Central London with the added benefit of more open space. They also generally come with lower price tags. This is a reason why they are so popular and makes the homes good long term investments.

If you are thinking of investment properties in Kingston Upon Thames and would like support with your search, purchase, and plan for the future we can help. Finefair is well established and manages millions of pounds worth of homes scattered all across London for clients.