Angel is an attractive area of Islington popular for renting and buying

Angel in Islington is perhaps most famous for featuring on the Monopoly board. It is a popular area for property seekers too, whether looking to purchase or rent. The biggest selling point is the central location. It is just 2 miles from Charing Cross but is quieter than the city centre due to fewer tourists.

This part of Islington is regarded as one of the 35 major centres in Greater London. It is home to countless businesses, including a number of popular independent boutiques and high street names. Residents love the multitude of retail in the area, both for leisure and job opportunities.

On top of retail Angel is also a renowned area for entertainment. It first became a popular resort in the 17th century, drawing people from across London because of the greenery and open spaces compared to the busy city centre. The area was home to many music halls and pubs through the Victorian period but decline occurred as people started travelling further afield for breaks. Fortunately gentrification arrived in the 1960s and the area was transformed. The entertainment scene is strong again today.

Angel is one of the very best areas in the whole of London when it comes to transport. The central location makes walking and cycling popular options. For those in a hurry there is an Underground station served by the Victoria and Northern Lines, an Overground station, and a multitude of bus services.

The location and wonderful array of attractions make Angel very popular. On the original Monopoly board it may have been one of the cheapest areas to buy but using today’s values it would be much higher up the board. Renting and buying properties in the area can be costly but there are plenty of benefits for your money.

At Finefair we provide an array of services as a lettings agent in Islington, including working in Angel. If you are looking for a property to invest in that could give you a fantastic monthly income this is an area you should definitely look at.