Holloway in Islington has untapped potential in the property market

The Borough of Islington is very popular and home to a number of wonderful areas including the district of the same name and Highgate. Even with this though there are still some locations that have yet to achieve their full potential. Holloway is the best example of this and offers great prospects for buyers and investors alike.

The biggest attraction of Holloway is the number of streets lined with attractive Victorian houses. There are plenty of three and four bedroom properties on offer, as well as flats in those buildings that have been converted. All of them are highly appreciated, with larger properties attracting young couples and families. People who want to see their money go further than it would in more established locations get great rewards here.

There is also big demand for rental properties in Holloway, particularly amongst young professionals and students. Several new builds have been constructed in the area specifically for the latter group. The area is well connected with several rail and Underground stations to choose from as well as good bus routes. City University of London is within easy cycling distance too.

The major thing that gives Holloway such untapped potential is the recent closure of the prison in the area. This sits on a 10 acre site that is ripe for redevelopment. It is believed to the right buyer and with the correct permission it could become home to up to 5,000 new homes. This would be a huge boon to the property market in the area, particularly with the affordability of the area in comparison to its neighbours.

At Finefair we are always looking for areas with untapped potential because they offer such great investment potential. We are committed to helping people find the right opportunities and deliver a bespoke service that reflects their requirements.

One service we provide across the Borough of Islington is council leasing. It is an attractive option for investors because it gives them less responsibility and can provide guarantees on income for an extended period of time. We are happy to offer advice and have the experience to give professional recommendations to suit your requirements.