Various types of property buyer are attracted to Hounslow

The London Borough of Hounslow is one of the top growth areas in the capital. Prices in the area are being pushed up due to an increase in demand from buyers and investors looking at buy to let. Many of these people are attracted to the value on offer when compared to surrounding areas. The 30 minute commute to Central London on the Underground is a big plus too.

The rise in prices in Hounslow has seen a big push to build new homes. In 2014 approximately 2,500 were completed. Since then even more have been built and an additional 3,000 or more were anticipated for the following years. This means that those buyers and investors looking for new builds that are ready to inhabit right away can find what they are looking for.

One concern that people have when development and regeneration work is done in areas is a loss of green spaces such as parks. In Hounslow the pressure on these spaces has been kept to a minimum thanks to work by the local council. They have actively encouraged projects on Brownfield sites whilst working to protect Greenfield ones.

Hounslow offers an additional benefit to people interested in preserving the environment with the excellent layout of streets. They encourage cycling and walking, offering many wonderful routes where pedestrians and cyclists are protected from heavy traffic. Not surprisingly the number of people who cycle to Central London from the area instead of relying on cars or public transport has risen by an impressive 25% in recent years.

The Borough certainly is a great area for buying homes and gives people the chance to live in a diverse, multi-cultural area. If you are looking to make a purchase, whether as an owner occupier or a landlord, you can get help from our team at Finefair. We offer an array of services and provide the very best support we can.

One service we do offer in Hounslow is block management. This is perfect for landlords who own a portfolio of properties in the area. It allows us to deliver great value for money and ensure every property is managed effectively to the same high standards. We also make it easier to keep track of everything.

If you have any questions about the area or the services we offer please get in touch.