Helping investors lease properties through local housing authorities

The benefits of leasing your property through a local housing authority are numerous. To begin with, you can be sure your property is in the hands of professionals with plenty of market experience. Council leasing is the perfect way of ensuring maximum investment returns and the maintenance of your property without any of the daily responsibility. As a landlord or investor, you may wish to avoid the hands-on approach and simply take a back seat when it comes to managing your tenancies and properties. If you are considering leasing we can help you.

Council leasing involves passing over the responsibility of the tenancy and all aspects of maintenance. You can relax in the knowledge that your property will be regularly checked and that all required repairs will be carried out quickly. You can be sure that suitable tenants will be placed and that your rent will be collected and transferred to your account on a monthly basis. You will also never have to concern yourself with the property standing empty and temporarily losing income.

We specialise in assisting our clients with all aspects of management and council leasing in the City of Westminster as well as all other London boroughs. We collaborate with many local housing authorities to ensure smooth-running leases and we facilitate trusted and long-lasting relationships between local authorities and landlords and investors. It becomes the role of the authority in question to manage your investment and pay for all repair and maintenance costs. Each scheme differs, but we will help you liaise with the relevant local authority and gain all the information you need.

We will put you in touch with the right people and ensure you enter into the scheme that is sure to work for you. By leasing through the council you can focus on other areas of your life with the confidence that your investment property is being taken care of. We will ensure you make an informed decision and our experienced services come with no commission charges for local authority lettings. If you need help with council leasing contact us today for a dependable and high quality service.