Guarantee a solid income on your property

Home to one of the largest commercial districts in London, Croydon is an impressive and highly diverse borough worthy of attention. Hosting an array of shops and attractions, it’s an increasingly sought after area for potential residents. Landlords who have secured property in this area are often highly likely to receive a healthy income from their investment.

We can provide you with a guaranteed rent service designed to give you a consistent, steady income from your property. This service has proven to be extremely popular with investors and landlords alike as it provides an assured return on your investment no matter what the circumstances. If you own property in Croydon or any other part of the UK, we can provide you with the highest available guaranteed rent, allowing you to enjoy a steady income with none of the hassle. We accept any property of any size, from studio flats to HMOs, allowing practically any investor or landlord to benefit from our services.

Our guaranteed rent service is simple yet comprehensive, and can provide fantastic benefits to all landlords. It’s as simple as leasing the property to us, for any period from one to ten years. After signing up, the landlord receives their rent the very next day. We deal with the entire letting process: there are no viewings or tenants to deal with, as we take care of it all. We carry out monthly inspections to ensure that the property is returned to you in the same condition that you leased it to us in, and we take care of the bills and council tax, removing this responsibility from you. All of this occurs while we pay you on the first Friday of every month, without any commission or management fees, and with payments received even whilst the property itself is vacant.

We will notify you of the rent that you will be paid and ensure that you know as much as possible about our service. Whether you own a property that isn’t being used to its full potential, or host a portfolio where a few of the properties could be let, we will provide you with a brilliant guaranteed rent service that you can always depend on.