London’s secret living space

The City of London is not generally associated with residential living. For over two thousand years this area of the capital has had a rich history as one of the most important trading ports and commercial centres in the world. Whilst its importance as the business centre of Britain remains, there has been an increase in the number of residential properties being occupied. A recent survey shows that there are some 5,000 residential properties within Square Mile, with around 8,000 people living there. There is a limited number of investment properties available, but this area is always worth exploring by those looking to start or expand their property portfolio.

Many might wonder why people would wish to live in an area of London renowned for being a busy centre of economic activity, but this actually only applies to business hours. Whilst Square Mile becomes crowded with 300,000 commuters a day from Monday to Friday, when the working week is done this is actually a relatively quiet part of the heart of London. Many investors who own a property in the City of London have an asset which shall always be in high demand.

The relative independence of the area is another appealing quality. Square Mile has historically always been a self-governing area, with rulers and authorities throughout the year keen to leave it operating on its own successful terms rather than risk damaging commerce with new regulations. This means that properties in the area are not affected or limited by the laws and regulations in place for property across the rest of the capital.

Our services to property owners and investors include those with an interest in the City of London. Square Mile is not just a unique part of London and the nation, but is arguably without peer anywhere in the world. Whether you are seeking to invest in property here, or want the most trusted property and block management in the City of London, we are here to help.