Let us make your Havering property as profitable as possible

Finefair is one of the UK’s premier property management organisations and we have been providing our exceptional services for more than a decade. Guaranteed rent in Havering offers you as a landlord a flexible and convenient way to get the best from your important investment. We have gained a vast amount of experience over the years from working with all kinds of landlords with all different types of property and we have unique insight and knowledge regarding the problems that landlords can be faced with.

Many landlords are concerned about finding a reliable tenant that will pay their rent regularly. Life can be very unpredictable and naturally landlords worry about receiving no income during the periods of time that their property stands empty. Also many landlords simply do not have the time to devote to their properties or they may wish to reduce their workload. Whatever it is you require to make your life easier then guaranteed rent in Havering can cater to all your needs with ease.

We literally guarantee that as a landlord you will receive a rental payment into your account every month. Even for the periods of time your property is unoccupied you will still receive your monthly payment. We take over the entire process for you from the day you sign up with us. You will even receive your first payment within 24 hours.

We can completely reduce your worries and workload by handling every aspect. We arrange viewings, place tenants, manage regular inspections and maintain your property. We cover all costs that may arise due to damage so you can rest assured we do our very best maintain the condition of your property. We also take charge of all bills including council tax.

We offer our guaranteed rent schemes to all boroughs across London as well as properties throughout the UK and as we are the preferred choice of landlords we offer our guaranteed rent scheme free of charge. We ensure your regular rental payments and the maintenance of your property for as little as six months to ten years as our schemes are designed to suit you. Your participation allows you peace of mind and a great return on your investment.

If you have any enquiries about guaranteed rent call on 020 8554 0500 and our helpful and friendly team will be happy to advise you on any aspect of the scheme.