Take advantage of our services to get the most from your Camden property

As one of the single most attractive, sought after and desirable locations in the whole area of London, Camden property owners area in a position suitable for ensuring regular and healthy returns on their valuable investments. We at Finefair, backed by our status as the leading and preferred choice of the Local Authority serving the area, provide the much sought after level of guaranteed rent Camden properties can benefit from.

When people think of enlisting the services of a property manager they often associate it with a high, perhaps prohibitive cost. Our means and methods of operation mean that this does not have to be the case, with our services being as professional as they are attractive to property owners. Our services come with no commission being applicable and no management fees. Add to this the fact that our agreement ensures you are always going to get the benefit of guaranteed rent Camden properties attract and it is soon easy to understand why we at Finefair have been entrusted with, to date, over £500million of property in the area.

Our rent guarantee services are provided without any condition being placed on occupancy. We provide, from the first few days in which you enter into an agreement with us, regular and reliable monthly rental payments to you, directly and automatically via our advanced accounting system. As and when occupancy of your premises does occur, we will address all matters concerning Council Tax and utility bills. Our complete management system for property means that you can take as much of a back seat to involvement in your investment as you wish, allowing you to focus your resources and valuable time on other matters.

In order to make sure your property portfolio – whether it compromises of one or several properties – is safe and secure, Finefair provides regular inspections, usually held monthly at the very least. These are regular, but not routine, as we ensure these inspections are thorough, allowing us to anticipate any possible issues. As in our agreement with you we undertake to ensure that your property always remains in the good condition you presented it in, we undertake and cover the costs of all related maintenance and repair work.

Finefair are commented to delivered the best guaranteed rent Camden residents and property owners can have, ensuring that good and mutually beneficial relations and channels of communication exists between us and the property owners as well between ourselves and tenants. Our team of dedicated experts are available at your convenience to discuss how we can help you gain the maximum, most secure returns on your property investment.