The Greenwich property market in on the up

Greenwich has always been a most sought after London borough for residents, meaning that a number of investors are buying properties in the region. In order to assist investors ensure that they can reap the maximum possible rate of return on investment, Finefair offers the most comprehensive and sought after Guaranteed Rent Greenwich specific services possible. Our leading management solution for properties is designed to meet the flexible needs of any portfolio, giving you maximum income whilst allowing you to take a “hands free” approach to property management.

Purchasing a property for investment purposes is a big commitment to undertake; one that it is perfectly understandable that should deliver a level of profitability efficiently and as soon as possible. The level of investment, however, does not need to be matched by a similar level of time and cost commitment to become a success. With the backing of being the preferred supplier for the Local Authority, Finefair offer the highest level of property management efficiency available as well as  ensuring that your involvement and cost are kept to the lowest levels possible.

The cost of management services is something one might assume to be quite high, in particular when related to something as specialised as a Guaranteed Rent Greenwich related service. This is why we at Finefair have implemented a means that makes allowing cost effective property management easily accessible to the property owner. Our services are based on a zero rated commission structure and have no monthly management fees. This means that we, in effect, offer our services to landlords and property owners at not cost. Finefair are committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible returns on your property through our dedicated and professional delivery of guaranteed rental.

We also want you to experience the maximum returns as soon and as regularly as possible when you enter into a relationship with us in the Guaranteed Rent Greenwich market. Our services ensure that you receive monthly rental fees with no conditions being in place about whether the premises are occupied or not. Finefair also undertakes to make sure you are getting this income revenue stream as soon as possible after you enter into an agreement to allow us to add your property to the some £500million portfolio of premises that we currently manage. The first payments are usually processed within a day or two of agreements being signed.

Finefair’s Guaranteed Rent Greenwich services can make sure you enjoy a high return on investment from your property at the lowest cost and lowest level of time commitment.