Islington property owners are always welcome at Finefair

Finefair Ltd has been established for over a decade. We take great pride in delivering outstanding service to boroughs across London and throughout the UK. We are a premier property management organisation and have amassed a vast amount of experience dealing with all kinds of landlords and properties.

As a landlord you want the very best return on your investment and the peace of mind that comes with reliable tenants that pay their rent every single month. For guaranteed rent in Islington we offer a unique service that is the number one choice of landlords and investors. In the unpredictable world of property we deliver a service that ensures you will receive your rent payment every month, even if your property is without a tenant at any time. Your first payment will be paid into your account 24 hours from the commencement of your scheme so you can immediately begin enjoying the benefits that it brings.

Your time is valuable and if you simply cannot devote it to your property then we are the perfect choice to make your life easy. We take all responsibility of every single aspect of the workload. We handle viewings, tenants, routine inspections. You can trust in our dedication to maintain your property but in the event of any damage we cover all costs. We also deal with all matters pertaining to bills including council tax.

What sets us apart from other companies is that we make this offer available to any investor anywhere in London or the UK. It is never dependant on age, size or type, whether you have one property or several in your portfolio we can offer you our service. We are pleased to be the preference of landlords and investors across the boroughs of London and we are happy to offer guaranteed rent in Islington and all other areas completely free of charge. You will pay nothing in management and commission fees but you will receive competent service, confidence and a regular monthly payment.

We can guarantee your property from six months to ten years so whatever type of commitment you are looking for Finefair can deliver every advantage. It has never been easier to guarantee your rent and deliver a flexible and accommodating, high quality service.

Visit to complete our valuation request or call 020 8554 0500 to discuss all your enquiries with our helpful team.