Hammersmith and Fulham has not fallen out of favour

Over the course of the last week there’s been a couple of interesting stories about property in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. At face value they are ones which some have taken to be negative. With the general consensus being that the property market in the capital city is currently quite healthy we thought we’d have a closer look. It didn’t come as a surprise when we discovered the stories were in fact positive.

The first story concerned what some news agencies reported as being a “dramatic” fall in the value of property in the Borough. We saw reports suggesting that between 5% – 10.5% of the value of the average Hammersmith property had been “lost”. A closer inspection of the figures showed that the fall was measured in the context of growth across London, rather than an actual or direct fall.

As the number one name for estate management in Hammersmith and Fulham we know that the above is in fact a positive for property investors. The level of demand for living space across the Borough shows no sign of slowing down. Being able to add to a property portfolio in a high demand area for a lower actual cost has come as very welcome news to many of our valued clients.

The second story concerned a reported drop in the number of landlords. Many took this as an indication that fewer investors were leasing their properties in the area. Again, this report is not quite accurate. The report looked exclusively at private landlords – an area where there is indeed a drop. This fall, however, is down to more property owners appreciating that their return to resource ratio is far better when they appoint professionals – like us – to handle leasing and estate management for them.

Hammersmith and Fulham remains one of the most popular Boroughs in London, with demand for property in the area remaining at an incredible level. Our unrivalled understanding of the Borough, along with our qualified track record of success in the market, makes us the leading name for all property services across the region.