There is still hope for one Haringey development

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has stepped in so that he can review two planning decisions that were rejected by city Councils last year. Both sites potentially have the means to provide hundreds of new homes at affordable prices.

This move comes as a sign to Councils that they must work to create new yet viable development schemes. This is especially crucial at a time when many thousands of new homes have to be constructed each year in order to meet housing demands.

Builders and developers alike have highlighted the fact that Councils are able to hold up planning applications and that their refusals aren’t always reasonable. The Government is attempting to implement new planning rules that seek to fast track possible housing sites. In this instance, the Mayor has come forward to take charge of two planning applications, with one being in Haringey, so that more suitable proposals can be drawn up.

Each site is located within a designated Opportunity Area and Housing Zones, lands that have been deemed appropriate for development purposes. Now, City Hall will work with the developers in order to secure as much affordable housing as they can for the sites.

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