Hammersmith and Fulham to offer free school meals

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block management Hammersmith and FulhamOne thing people look at when they invest in a property is the quality of the schools in the area. This is important for people looking for a home. It is also key for landlords because these areas tend to have the highest demand and most stability. Hammersmith and Fulham is a popular area with lots of fantastic schools.

A brand new scheme

While the quality of the schools in Hammersmith and Fulham is a big selling point, a new scheme recently revealed by the council could make them even more popular. From September 2019 primary schools in the area will be offering free breakfasts universally. As a result they will be available to all pupils regardless of their income.

In January 2020 the scheme will expand even further. Here two secondary schools, including Fulham college boys’ school, will offer free lunches. Again they will be available to all students regardless of income. This will be the first scheme of its type in England and Wales.

Food poverty

The schemes are a response to concerns about food poverty and that students may go hungry at schools. They will make more food available and break down the stigma that prevents some families from claiming the free meals.

The funding for the schemes is coming from a great source. When property developers apply for planning permission in Hammersmith and Fulham many of them have to pay money to the local council. This money will fund the free meals. In total around 10,700 children in the Borough will benefit.

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