Guaranteeing a rental income in a nice area like Kingston Upon Thames is fantastic

With the beautiful, world famous Richmond Park being part of the area, it is sometimes easy to overlook just what a popular and sought after area of London Kingston Upon Thames is for both residential and business properties. Kingston is in the top 30% of populated districts across the nation, and all indications suggest that the area will experience a significant increase in demand for residential property. To ensure that property owners and investors get the best possible service of guaranteed rent Kingston Upon Thames premises can attract, Finefair provide flexible, assured property management which is backed by our standing in London.

Over the course of the last several years, we at Finefair have prided ourselves in forming strong, co-operative and beneficial relationships with the Local Authorities across the London Boroughs. This has seen us become established as the preferred supplier of services, a status which in turn allow us to present our services to our valued clients with the most beneficial terms possible.

The service of guaranteed rent Kingston Upon Thames property owners are assured of getting from us focus on delivering the best possible return on investment to you. To ensure that this happens, our status as a preferred supplier allows for us to present our services with a 0% (zero) rate of commission being applicable. We also do not levy charges in respect of standard management fees. Finefair are unique in London for presenting and offering to you this level of transparency.

Our position also means that we ensure your guaranteed rental income is not reliant on your property being occupied. Whether your property remains vacant or is leased to a suitable, checked and vetted tenant, your agreed rental income is unaffected. We are committed to ensuring that you get to the maximum beneficial position possible from your property, with Finefair’s commitment to transparent services relaying any and all benefits to you.

The guaranteed rent Kingston Upon Thames property owners enjoy from us is backed by our world class property management services. As our commitment to you is to ensure that the condition of your property is always upheld to perfection, we conduct regular and thorough building inspections, attending diligently to any maintenance or repair requirements. This is in addition to ensuring all council tax accounts and utility bills relevant to your property are correctly allocated. With our professional staff using their expert skills, you are free to take a “hands off” approach to your property investment whilst enjoying the high levels of return on your investment.