Offering guaranteed rent in one of the most desirable areas of Wandsworth

With the number of highly desirable apartment blocks and business premises established along the former wharf area by the Thames, Wandsworth has become one of the most sought after areas of London for both property investors and those looking to move their home or business to the region. At Finefair we are the proud to be considered as being the greatest connection between investors and leasers, providing the superior service of guaranteed rent Wandsworth property owners can attain.

Our strategic partnerships with the leading Local Boroughs and Authorities in London has placed us in the prime position to deliver the post prestigious, professional services available to property owners. Our focus is on ensuring your investment receives both the management services possible whilst also delivering to you a maximized and assured level of return on your investment.

Our provision of guaranteed rent for Wandsworth properties means that investors attain a safe and secure return on their financial investment. The maximisation of this is assured by the fact that, due to our strategic partnerships, we do not apply either a commission rate or standard management fees on our service. Further to that, when you enter into a short or long term property management agreement with us your rental income is guaranteed irrespective of whether the property is occupied or not. Payments on a fixed date will commence within as short a time as possible after you have confirmed us as your property managers.

At Finefair we only select and employ the most able and proficient of staff to maintain and manage properties on your behalf. This allows you to take as much of a concern free approach to your investment as it does a hands free one. We cover all aspects of property management on your behalf, from ensuring council, municipal and utility bills are correctly allocated right through to conducting thorough inspections and attending to any maintenance and repair issues. Our undertaking is to ensuring that your property is left in the same pristine condition at the end of our agreement as it was when our relationship started.

Finefair are the leading specialist in providing the most efficient service of guaranteed rent Wandsworth investors and property owners can achieve. Whether you need a short term, one year solution for your property portfolio or are seeking a long term strategic and highly beneficial arrangement, Finefair are the trusted name for putting your interests as their first and foremost concern.