Guaranteed rent is the future for all landlords and investors in Bromley and beyond

There is an increasing movement, both in the United Kingdom and across the United States, towards guaranteed rent solutions being sought by property owners and investors. Although the property market remains robust and healthy, the current economic climate does not favour obtaining independently achieved good returns on investment. Here in London, Finefair are at the forefront of providing the best and most effective services of guaranteed rent across the capital city. At this point in time, the benefits and income possible from guaranteed rent Bromley properties can reap are of great appeal to those who own or have invested in premises in the area.

As one of the identified and established major metropolitan centres of London, Bromley is a highly desired and sought after area for both residential and business purposes. With such a high demand for property in the area, attempting to thoroughly vet and check all potential tenants by yourself could prove to be a highly time consuming and very costly affair. Finefair alleviate this, for as part of the comprehensive service of guaranteed rent Bromley property owners receive from us we ensure only suitable, thoroughly checked tenants move in. Our property management services are also all encompassing, meaning that we conduct regular and comprehensive inspections of all properties and attend to all maintenance and repair issues.

In order to ensure you get the highest level of benefit from entrusting us with your guaranteed rent requirements, Finefair offer guaranteed rental income that is not related to your property being occupied. Once you have entered into an agreement with us you will receive your first payment as soon as possible, with the monthly income set at an agreed rate thereafter. Due to our prominent position in London, we are also able to provide our services to you on the basis of a 0% commission rate and with no standard monthly management fees being applicable.

Our prominent position comes from our strategic relationships in London. Due to our outstanding services to London through the 21st Century thus far, we have become the preferred choice supplier for the Local Authorities across the London Boroughs. This is a status that allows us to offer the highly competitive rates we do to be the benefit of our clients.

Whether you wish to implement guaranteed rent services and get benefits for a short, one year period or are looking to attain long term success, we at Finefair offer the highest level of professional, safe and secure service. We are committed to ensuring you attain the best and most preferential return on your property investment.