Guaranteed Rent Canning Town

When you’re in search of a company who can provide the highest guaranteed rent in Canning Town, Finefair is always your first choice. We are highly experienced property managers and letting agents and have been paying guaranteed rent on a huge variety of properties throughout London for more than ten years. Now we are ready to offer you an excellent opportunity to get your rent paid for up to a decade, giving you an unparalleled level of security.

As the preferred suppliers for Newham and all other London boroughs, we’re in the perfect position to offer you an outstanding deal on guaranteed rent. When we are paying your rent you will never be in any doubt about your rental payments – the money will arrive directly in your account at the same time every month, with no hassle, no stress and no loss of profits.

We won’t only pay your rent regardless of whether your property is occupied or not – we can also offer a complete management package taking care of everything from the initial paperwork and tenants’ agreement, to performing regular inspections to make sure the property is being well looked after., You can rest assured that your valuable properties are in very good hands when you decide to work with us.

If you wish to take part in our schemes for guaranteed rent in Canning Town, or any other area of Newham such as Custom House, Temple Mills, Plaistow or Cyprus, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will provide you with a scheme that is tailor made for you.