Guaranteed Rent Custom House

When it comes to guaranteed rent in Custom House, East Ham, Cyprus and all other areas of Newham, we are the official provider and the first choice for anybody who wants a reliable, expert service. For more than ten years, we’ve been providing guaranteed rent to all types of landlords and investors and managing their properties to the highest standards. If you want to have complete confidence that your rent will be paid and your property will always be bringing in money for you, then our guaranteed rent schemes are an excellent choice.

The way the scheme works is that we effectively become your client for a fixed period – anything from six months to ten years. You are completely in control of the term and we offer unbeatable flexibility with our guaranteed rent in Custom House. We will then provide you with a fixed monthly payment, straight to your account, with no worry and no stress.

One of the main benefits of the scheme is that you will know exactly when the money is coming each month and will never have to worry about missed payments. We will continue to pay the rent throughout all circumstances for the entire term, whether there are tenants occupying the property or not.

We don’t charge any commission and there are no management fees, we can achieve the highest available guaranteed rent for you, and we will handle every aspect of management from showing tenants around the property to making reference checks. There has never been a more comprehensive service available for guaranteed rent in this area of London, so why go anywhere else?