Guaranteed Rent Bush Hill Park

As a landlord, you will understand the various stresses and risks involved in lettings. You may have concerns about tenants being unable to pay the rent money they owe, you might be worried about what happens when your property is empty for a while, or perhaps you have faced these problems in the past and want a new way of doing things. If this applies to you, then why not consider guaranteed rent?

We offer guaranteed rent in Bush Hill Park as well as covering the entire UK. We’re unique amongst property companies because we’re the only ones who will guarantee to pay rent on any property regardless of its size, age, area or type. Whether you own a HMO, hostel, a single house or a block, or even multiple types of properties scattered across various different locations, we can take them on and provide an individual service targeted towards your needs.

There’s no need to spend your valuable time on checking tenants’ references, showing them around the property, completing paperwork or performing inspections, as we will do it all for you on top of paying your rent each month. There are no management fees to pay, and at the end of the scheme, your property will be returned to you in its original condition (apart from the expected wear and tear), ready to sell or let again.

If you’re interested in guaranteed rent in Bush Hill Park, Clay Hill, Enfield Lock, Grange Park, Cockfosters or any other location, make sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible and we can come up with an outstanding scheme for your property portfolio.