Great news for people thinking of buying a home in Newham

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Falling prices bring new opportunities

falling house pricesThere have been lots of reports recently about falling property prices in London. A lot of investors have concerns about this and what it means for their portfolios. Luckily, demand for homes is still very high. As a result people can choose to take on tenants or even look for a sale and hope competition keeps the prices high. There is even the potential of growth in the future once the political situation is clearer. So, many people may choose to hold on to properties.

The drop in prices will also be very exciting news for buyers who are looking to purchase their own home or buy new assets. They could potentially find themselves in a situation where they can save money on a home or even buy sooner.

Which area is the best for savings?

Investment property NewhamAccording to new data, the best area in London for savings at the moment is Newham. According to the figures, the average house price in July was £325,053. This was a huge 9.6% down on the previous year.

The next areas with the biggest drop in prices over that period were Brent and the City of London. Both saw a 7.7% decline, reaching averages of £396,807 and £761,281 respectively. So, both of these areas saw smaller drops and also continue to have a much higher average house price than Newham.

At the other end of the spectrum, Camden actually saw a huge jump in values in that period. In the twelve months the average rose by 9.7%, reaching £784,189. What this shows is it is still a location where demand is very high. Because so many people want to live here or buy assets, the price is growing.

Consider the investment property Newham has to offer

Anyone in London looking to buy a home would be wise to expand their horizons and check to see which areas have the best prospects. Some people stick to central Boroughs and can therefore potentially miss out on savings and big capital gains. Newham is definitely an area to consider, even though it is in Outer London.

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