Family homes in Enfield for second steppers

In terms of property management Enfield has no better company to look after your properties than Finefair. We are a long serving team with a lot of experience to call on. In addition we know what we need to do to deliver the best value for landlords. You can put your trust in us and look forward to a first rate service.

The problem for second steppers

Property management EnfieldThe aim of Help to Buy is to get more people to take the first step on to the property ladder. This has helped numerous people all across the UK. It is tricky in London though because of the high property values. To qualify for the scheme, the home must be worth less than £600,000. This limits choice and means some areas have no properties that qualify.

One of the things Help to Buy has inspired in London is more flat building. In lots of cases these homes qualify for the scheme and first time buyers can purchase them. This gets them on the ladder and frees up more rental accommodation.

The issue with more flats is they are being built at a faster rate than family homes. This also causes a problem for first timers who want to become second steppers. It can be tough to move up to a larger house rather than a flat because of the shortage. People may struggle to get enough equity in their first home too.

Where to look for homes

Luckily there are some areas in London where the values of family homes are more affordable. According to data from Hamptons International Bexley, Barking and Dagenham, and Sutton are the best areas to look for homes with values under £600,000. Enfield also stands out as one of the top 10 locations in London for new build homes. There are houses here perfect for smaller families taking the second step on the property ladder.

Whatever size property you own, Finefair can help if you are a landlord. We provide lots of services that our existing clients love, including the best property management Enfield has. To learn more all you need to do is call or email our team.