Essential accommodation for those on the waiting list

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Lewisham council is planning to construct a series of prefab villages. The goal is to cut the housing waiting list. Currently, the borough has 10,000 individuals on the list. There are also 2,000 families in temporary housing right now. Planners have approved 34 modular structures in a new seven-storey timber-frame building in Deptford.

The essentials will already be there

The plan is to produce this structure off-site within a factory. It shall arrive in southeast London ready to assemble. It’ll include plumbing, electrics, cladding, and windows. There will be ready-fitted bathrooms and kitchens as well. Compared to standard building projects, the construction time will be very small.

One of Britain’s leading architectural firms is responsible for designing the accommodation. The two and three-bedroom flats shall go to those homeless families most in need. Right now, the aim is for these houses to be finished during 2020.

Long term plans

It’s likely that these homes will remain on the council owned site for years. Afterwards, it’ll be possible to disassemble them. Officials can then move them elsewhere. They may be a temporary solution. However, the council is confident that they’ll be an essential stopgap for families. They can stay there while other regeneration projects and homes start popping up.

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