Lambeth is one of the best places in London for low selling fees

The property market is full of a lot of people all with their own size portfolios and specific needs. Whether it is investing or property management Lambeth clients should rely on our expert team.

When it comes to selling and buying properties, there are various steps to be aware of. Because of this you have to spend money on different things. People know London for its property scene among other things. But, something you may not be aware of is that selling fees including those for estate agents are higher here. In fact they are 1.70% above the rest of the country according to a new comparison. These fees are all necessary in their own way but you should be aware of what to expect when dealing with properties in this location.

Lambeth Takes The Lead

When looking at data from figures by HM Land Registry, it shows how Lambeth is considered the cheapest place in London to sell property. Those looking to sell property in this borough can expect to spend around £8,200. One thing you will need to invest in is estate agent fees. For this area, it also has some of the lowest figures. The average is around 1.53% compared to 2.30% in other areas.

There are also trends throughout the UK to be aware of. Figures show that there has been a decrease in the fees of traditional agents. This is across the property market for the UK since 2016. The numbers do not include agents considered specialist who sell those in areas with a higher value. An explanation for this change could possibly be due to increasing competition with online agents. As a result those on the high street may reduce prices to entice people to continue using their services.

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