Ensuring you have the right property management processes in place

Property management is a day to day job, not something that should only be done periodically. This is especially true if you want the home to remain in the very best condition and want rent to be paid in a timely manner. It is important that landlords understand the scale of the job and the benefits of hiring a dedicated professional to oversee the work.

The daily duties involved with property management can vary substantially, ranging from simple jobs to absolutely vital ones. The services can include things like rent collection, general maintenance, conducting inspections, and even overseeing health and safety. This may prove to be a very large workload for the owner to handle.

A big benefit of choosing to hire a specialist to do these jobs is they have the time to dedicate to them and the correct experience. As a result the highest standards can be achieved, ensuring that all parties are satisfied.

One thing to remember with property management is the value of being proactive. It is better to plan ahead rather than being responsive, both from a cost perspective and in terms of the safety and satisfaction of tenants. Again a dedicated specialist is typically better for this and can organise services more effectively.

The financial benefit of working with experienced property managers is worth noting too. They can take on the job of not only collecting rent but also issuing and collecting service charges from tenants. The rent collection services provide peace of mind and mean systems are in place if there is ever an issue with payment.

At Finefair we have been offering property management to clients throughout Bromley and the whole of London for a number of years. We always tailor our services to suit clients and have a proactive approach focused on maximising standards. This has helped us to build strong relationships with landlords and tenants alike.

If you would like further information about the benefits of working with us or what makes us such a well established provider please get in touch.