Planning permission is granted for new property investment in Stonebridge, Brent

The £225 Stonebridge Estate regeneration in the London Borough of Brent is set to enter its final stage this month. This comes after a new £150 million joint venture between Hyde Housing Group and Hill was granted planning permission.

The work will encompass three Brownfield sites in the area, creating 287 new homes in the process. There will be a mixture of private and affordable housing on the sites when the work is finished. Construction is expected to begin shortly with the relevant permission secured.

This final stage of construction seems the culmination of work dating back to 1995. That was when Brent Council and Stonebridge Housing Action Trust released their plan to demolish and rebuild the 1,500 homes on the estate, improving the reputation and the lives of inhabitants in the process. As you can see it has been a very long project.

The aim with the £150 million joint venture is to create several new neighbourhoods filled with properties that will stand the test of time. Building with the future in mind and the longevity of homes is a great for sustainability reasons. The joint partnership and involvement of Hill in particular is seen as great news in this regard.

The Borough of Brent has a great location, home to Wembley Stadium and sitting beside Boroughs including Camden, Westminster, and Hammersmith and Fulham. It benefits from great transport links and there are a number of other great amenities to choose from in the area.

Brent has seen a great deal of property investment over the years, including this latest project to finish the Stonebridge Estate project. As a result it is a really good up and coming area and can offer a lot of opportunities for people looking to invest.

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