Occasionally properties with a fantastic history become available to rent

There are a number of properties in Camden with a fantastic history. The Borough has always inspired creativity and proven to be very attractive to people from the art and literary worlds. As a result there are plenty of houses that have previously been the home of these individuals. There are even some occasions when the properties become available to buy or rent.

The latter happened recently when 18 Rugby Street in Bloomsbury, Camden became available. The property was home to Ted Hughes and played a big role in his relationship with Sylvia Plath. In fact Plath first visited the property in 1956 to visit Hughes. Their romance developed and they eventually moved into a property in Chalcot Square together.

The property is renowned as being the title of Hughes’ poem of the same name. The piece is about the first night the couple spent together and captures the passion and troubles of their relationship. It gives some unflattering descriptions of the property itself though, including referring to the four floors and lack of running water.

Not surprisingly the property put on the market to rent is immensely different from the one Hughes described. The six bedroom Grade II Listed townhouse has been restored several times in the last sixty years, including the installation of modern plumbing. A number of the historic features still exist though, including timber panels.

The Bloomsbury area itself has also changed substantially. The fantastic location attracted a great deal of investment and has become one of the most valuable prime areas in London.

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