Could an expanded Heathrow benefit landlords?

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The next step in developing Heathrow

In October 2017 Heathrow Airport won the battle for a new runway, beating competition from other airports in the capital. In June 2018 the plans were finally successful in achieving planning approval. Work can now begin, including clearing away homes in the construction path.

As part of the project there is a £2.6 billion compensation fund. This funding will compensate home owners who have properties in the construction path and the neighbouring areas.

What will the impact be?

When Heathrow got the nod originally for a new runway, there was a fear it would have a negative impact on local property values. At the time the fear was properties could lose as much as 20% of their value.

While this may still occur, the wider Borough may benefit from a surge in demand. More people may want to live in close proximity to the airport when the new services are up and running. As a result landlords could benefit from an increase in potential tenants.

A further drop in prices could also provide advantages in the long run. A number of people struggling with higher values in other areas could choose homes across Hillingdon to make savings.

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