Supermarkets are valuable local amenities

Finefair strives to make sure investors stand the best chance to enjoy a healthy return on their investments. There are a number of factors to consider, including the amenities in an area. It is also vital to think about potential losses from things like void periods. Fortunately we can offer the right services. For one, we have the most reliable guaranteed rent Hounslow has. Guaranteeing your income can provide great security.

What locations to target?

Research from Lloyds Bank reinforces the idea that close proximity to a supermarket can add a premium to property prices. The average added is an impressive £21,500. Areas with a Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, or Sainsbury’s tend to have the highest premiums. Locations with budget supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl and Asda have seen some very big rises in values though. This showcases how shopper behaviour is changing.

Aldi has had really strong performance over the last five years. Average house prices in areas with one of their stores have grown by 20% in that period. This translates to a rise from £178,809 to £213,765. The growth is higher than areas with any other supermarkets. For example those with a Waitrose, M&S or Sainsbury’s grew 12%, Tesco 11%, and Morrisons 14%.


One area with an incredible premium on house prices due to the local supermarkets is Chiswick in the London Borough of Hounslow. The average price for a home in the area is an impressive £1,021,701. This means the town has a 94% premium over the whole Borough. Surprisingly it has a Waitrose, M&S, and Sainsbury’s.


If you are considering investing it is wise to look at the local amenities. There are several things you should be considering, including the impact on prices. In addition, you need to look at what the amenities mean for the type of tenants you may be looking to attract.

Finefair is in a great position to help investors choose the right service. We are number one for guaranteed rent Hounslow has because we appreciate their position and concerns. In response we manage properties effectively and provide assurances.

If you would like our help we are just a single call away. You can speak to our team and discuss anything. We are confident you’ll see how professional we are from the outset.