A plan for new homes in Romford

Neopost House and Roneo Corner is a Brownfield site in Romford with a huge amount of potential. In May, Galliard Homes submitted a proposal to develop the site. The project will provide new homes for the area as well as a public space. At Finefair, the best team for block management Havering has, we think it is great to see projects like this because they benefit local people.

What is the plan?

The new development will be around a garden area, offering public space that all residents will be able to use. The proposal is for 125 new homes with 30 affordable ones. They will be high quality and vary in size from one to three bedroom properties. The project will consequently create a vibrant neighbourhood on the former industrial site.

In addition to the new properties Neopost House is being altered. Permitted development rights are already in place for the property to become 109 homes. As a result there will be 234 in total across the whole site.

The wider picture

The new London Plan estimates that Havering needs to deliver 1,875 homes every year to hit the housing target. There is high demand for homes for local people, catering for a range of different tenancies. The new ones for Roneo Corner fit the bill perfectly. It is also a great future for a Brownfield site.

The developers held public exhibitions at the end of May to reveal the proposals. Locals were invited to ask questions and also provide any feedback they had. It will be interesting to see if the local authority grants planning permission.

Finefair has the skills to manage all kinds of residential blocks, adjusting our services to cater for the specific requirements. We appreciate that every property and site is unique and a stock service is not enough. Therefore our approach is more flexible and maximises value.

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