Harrow could be a hotspot for apartment living

Across London more and more people are considering the advantages of apartment living. There are plenty of benefits, including potential savings, a higher supply, and access to additional amenities. Apartment blocks are also more likely to be built in central areas where people want to live. Not surprisingly, when it comes to investment properties Harrow buyers are taking a closer look at apartments.

Appealing to many different types of tenancy

The thing that really makes apartments stand out is how many people they appeal to. Young professionals, couples, and first time buyers are all attracted to them. Investors appreciate the potential for healthy returns. Downsizers are also more likely to choose an apartment these days. This is because they can unlock equity from the sale of their old home and benefit from contemporary properties with more facilities.

Why choose apartment living?

Eco-friendly: New buildings must meet much higher energy standards. As a result they tend to be far greener and more energy efficient. They also tend to use less energy, especially in terms of heating.

Lifestyle: Apartment blocks have a community feel that individual homes can’t replicate. This is because residents share a number of spaces.

Less upkeep: With an apartment you have fewer spaces to worry about cleaning and tidying. It also won’t be your responsibility to clean shared areas like hallways, the foyer, and exterior spaces.

Contemporary: New homes tend to feature more advanced fittings and fixtures, including different kinds of technology. They can make it far more enjoyable to live in the properties.

At Finefair we appreciate why apartments are growing in popularity in London. We are currently responsible for managing a number of them, supporting landlords and ensuring their assets are properly looked after. We can also offer portfolio advice for investors who are looking to make any new purchases.

When it comes to investment properties Harrow has plenty of interesting options. Our team are happy to help find the right one for you. Please get in touch today if you would like any advice.