A community focused development for Lambeth

Slade Gardens in Lambeth could be set to become a community hub if plans submitted to the local Council get the green light. The aim of the development plan is to preserve the facility and site for the future whilst also simultaneously improving the facilities on offer. The site could therefore become a great asset for the area.

Local authority Slade Gardens Community Play Association has managed the facility for almost two decades. Work will be needed to preserve it for the future and see it developed so that it could provide the best value to the community.

The plan for the site is very interesting. It includes a building that is designed to flow out of the environment, connecting the interior with the wider park. This will also respect the conservation area in the neighbourhood. The facility will become the home of local children’s play group, the One O’Clock Club.

As part of the plan a house with two maisonettes will be built in the area. The sale of these assets will cover the cost of the development work to create the new facility and an adventure playground. This will also allow the site to resist future development pressure, ensuring it is focused on serving the community for the long term.

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