Which London Borough is the safest?

If you are thinking about property investment Kingston Upon Thames should be near the top of your list of destinations. It is an attractive location with plenty to offer. The fact it secured the title of the safest Borough in London for the second year running is fantastic and will be a big selling point too.

One of the things people look at when they consider buying a home is how safe the area is. Areas with a reputation for being safer are more highly regarded and people are more likely to want to live in them.

Every year the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) conducts a survey to see what crime levels are like in each of the 32 London Boroughs. The statistics are very useful, particularly for buyers looking to invest in a safe area.

The latest figures published in May show that for the second year in a row Kingston Upon Thames was the safest London Borough. The data reveals that in the year there were 10,599 notable offences across the area. This put it some way ahead of the second and third placed areas, Sutton (11,011) and Richmond Upon Thames (11,771).

One of the most impressive results is how safe people in Kingston reported they felt. A huge 94% said they were confident of their safety outdoors during the day. At night 75% of residents said they felt safe. This was up a huge 10%. The reason the latter is so good is that a lot of work is going in to making the Borough a better night time economy. Improving feelings of safety support this development.

Other great figures include a huge 21% reduction in drug possession in the Borough and a drop in domestic abusive, the first time reports of this type of crime have fallen in several years. Both of these show that Kingston is becoming a better area for families.

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