Living near rivers in London – rediscovering forgotten ones

Living close to a river is an attractive proposition for a number of London residents. The proximity puts them close to nature, provides interesting sights, and also offers the potential of lovely walks when they want to relax and escape the hustle and bustle. In fact London Rivers Week was held from Monday 26th June to Sunday 2nd of July. It offered 30 free guided walks and tours.

A lot of work has been going on in the capital to help restore and enhance the rivers. A project that began in 2008 has to date been responsible for restoring over 20km of them. A part of this work that really stands out is the rewilding of the River Ravensbourne in Lewisham. This has made it a beautiful feature of the area, benefitting the developments of new apartments.

Surprisingly London is home to a number of waterways that have ostensibly been ‘lost’. Many of these were buried, becoming part of the London sewer system due to health and safety concerns. Several projects are looking to bring them, or parts of them at least, back.

The Fleet is probably the most famous hidden river in London and is the largest of the subterranean rivers. It begins at two sources in Hampstead, both of which were dammed to create ponds. The Hampstead and Highgate ponds are popular to this day and still get used for swimming. The course of the Fleet flows through may parts of Central London, including Kentish Town, Camden Town, St. Pancras, and King’s Cross.

The work on restoring the rivers and improving them is part of numerous developments of new homes. As well as the one in Lewisham there is landscaping taking place on Counters Creek in Earls Court as part of a scheme to create 800 homes. The River Westbourne is being celebrated at the Chelsea Barracks too.

Property seekers who want to live near a river should definitely take a look at these areas. They could enjoy the double benefit of a new build home and an attractive setting.

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