Committing to building more council housing in Camden borough

You will want to do well when you have a portfolio of properties. From management to ensuring you get a good income, there can be a lot of work to do. Luckily, Finefair can provide a helping hand for a number of matters. As a result, you will be able to benefit from things like the guaranteed rent Camden landlords rely on.

Camden’s commitment

guaranteed rent CamdenCamden Council is looking to boost the amount of council housing in the area. The council’s cabinet has given approval to plans to build new homes. This is along with other steps to expand its housing portfolio. Furthermore, they are going to buy flats for families in the borough to use as temporary accommodation.

The council’s commitment to housing is fantastic. It includes delivering 801 new affordable homes; 581 of these will be council homes. This work will replace two estates which are poor quality. The new properties will be larger, sustainable, and high quality.

Another part of the commitment is buying homes back that were bought under Right-to-Buy previously and are now on the open market. These will see use as temporary accommodation in order to prevent homelessness.

In addition, the council is planning on developing two sites that they own. They are on Camley Street and are roughly 8000m/sq. The project will end up delivering at least 350 new homes. This is along with employment space that will create new jobs for locals.

The council is also going to hold resident ballots regarding plans to rebuild the Wendling and West Kentish Town estates. This scheme will provide the site with new council homes that are high quality and fit for purpose.

Ongoing improvements

These plans will help add to the improvements coming about from the Council’s Community Investment Programme. This work is creating more than 300 Living Rent and 1,100 council homes in Camden. In addition, it will provide new community centres and schools. Furthermore, they are going to build facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Trust Finefair with your portfolio

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