The changing nature of London’s council housing

The last four decades has seen a significant shift in the nature of the properties people live in. This is highly visible when we look at the numbers of people living in properties designated as council housing. Whereas during the late 1970s around 42% of the population lived in council housing, the latest figures show that figure has now fallen below 8%. When we factor in how dramatically our population has increased over that period, it makes the falling number seem all the more astonishing.

It may seem that this figure means that 92% of the population now lives in either privately owned or privately rented property, but this is not the case. Councils across the London Boroughs are still relied upon to provide housing for the citizens they represent. Councils have largely moved away from owning properties and towards leasing them.

Council leasing has been identified as one of the most successful and beneficial ways to address the need for housing across the country. As we mentioned, London is presently facing the biggest pressures in this regard, with more and more people wanting to live and work in the capital city. New residential properties cannot be built at the speed required, and buying property is beyond the budget constraints of most local authorities, so council leasing allows access to the required housing while delivering assured financial returns to private property owners.

If you are a London property owner, it is highly likely that you follow news related to the market quite closely. As a consequence, you will be aware of the rising level of council leasing agreements being made. We believe this kind of arrangement is worth exploring by all property owners seeking to gain the greatest financial returns from their property. Our position as the preferred supplier for the London Boroughs means that we are in the prime position to represent you in council leasing in Wandsworth and across all other areas of London.

London is currently the city which has the highest level of demand for living space. In order to gain the maximum profits from property there, owners need to have the market leaders representing them. Our outstanding record of success makes us the people you want representing you in terms of council leasing.