Waltham Forest enjoys record property prices

One of the aims of the 2012 London Olympics was to serve as a catalyst for regeneration in the four London Boroughs which were selected to host games and events. It is now almost four years since the games, and success has clearly been reached in this aim. Waltham Forest was one of the four Boroughs to serve as host, and the exceptional increase in the number of valuable investment properties in this area of London shows the long lasting success achieved through regeneration.

Recently released statistics show that the number of properties in Waltham Forest which are valued at £1 million or higher has increased by an impressive 56%. Most of these properties are in the districts of Walthamstow and Chingford, which have always been relatively popular thanks to their positioning on the Victoria line. The number of properties which have recorded rapid valuation increases in the last four years is quite remarkable. We take a great deal of pride from the fact that we had identified this area of London as a spectacular opportunity for investors several years before price levels actually rose.

We have an unrivalled understanding of the London property market which enables us to identify opportunities which meet the specific requirements of those we work for. Whether you are looking for a property that’s suitable to generate a substantial yield via our guaranteed rent services, or are seeking to invest in a property which will bring long term value increase returns, we know the areas and the properties which would be most beneficial for you to consider.

Throughout 2015, many reports were published by property experts which suggested that the possible return on investments from London properties is likely to fall during the next year. Many of the experts spent 2014 suggesting that this would happen in 2015, only for the opposite to actually happen. At no stage over the last few years has the level of demand for property in London diminished or fallen away, and at this point in time this level of demand seems all set to reach further heights. With our expert services for property, estate and block management in Waltham Forest and beyond, we will make sure you get the most from the London property market.