Helping you to reach short and long term goals

As highly experienced property specialists, we completely understand that all investors will have their own individual goals and that each portfolio is completely unique. Some investors will be looking to quickly sell on a property for a profit, while others will seek more long-term investments and may let their properties so they can continue to make a steady income until the property has gained optimum value for selling. Many investors have a combination of short and long term investments.

Whatever their goal and whatever the nature of their portfolio, all investors and landlords have a common goal, and that is to make optimum profit on their investment. This is why our guaranteed rent service has become so popular and is widely chosen by all kinds of investors throughout London and the UK.

If you are making a long term investment, London is an excellent location to do so because there is such a strong demand for rental properties throughout the city. However, in order to make money from rentals, you need to have reliable tenants who will always pay their rent on time, and ensure that the property does not have any void periods. This is not always achievable. Our guaranteed rent offer can safeguard you against these potential scenarios and ensure you continue to receive the highest possible amount of rent even through void periods or missed payments from tenants.

You’ll never have to worry about being left without your payments, so you can make financial plans for the future safe in the knowledge that you’ll never be left short. Many landlords throughout the country enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our guaranteed rent scheme, and we’re always ready to offer it to new clients too.

We offer guaranteed rent in Barking and Dagenham, all other London Boroughs and throughout the whole of the UK, and all types of properties are considered. No matter where your investment is located or how many properties you own, we are confident we can offer you the perfect short or long term guaranteed rent plan.