Building homes near heavy industry in Greenwich

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Industrial sites

Block management GreenwichLondon has an incredible industrial history. At one time the city was home to thousands of manufacturers making everything from food to clothing and even electronics. Sadly this did not last forever. Some businesses chose to relocate to cheaper parts of the world and others went out of business entirely. The economy also made the shift to services rather than manufacturing.

Across London there are lots of hallmarks of the city’s industrial past. This includes a number of Brownfield sites as well as former warehouses. Many of the buildings are perfect for regeneration into new homes, commercial space, and other uses. The projects can clean up land and create new urban villages.

A challenge with some of these projects is creating homes on land that is close to ongoing industrial activity. Luckily there are many ways to address the issue. One project that is doing this really well is Greenwich Millennium Village.

What makes the projects special?

This work shows it is possible to harmoniously build new homes next to heavy industry. The Millennium Village is one part of the Greenwich Peninsula regeneration that is taking place. The 3,000-home site has a vegetarian cafe, dry cleaners, village square, and hairdresser. It will stand next to a gravel-extraction plant with a wall to block any noise.

The next phase of Greenwich Millennium Village, known as Commodore’s Quarter, will launch in August. This work will create 136 one, two, and three bedroom flats along with three and four bedroom houses.

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